Laundry Protectant

Ultra Nano Clean Laundry Protectant

Ultra Nano Clean Laundry Protectant

Our Laundry protectant will eliminate the microbial source of odors embedded in fabrics with the Ultra Nano Clean Laundry Protectant you also get protection up to 30 days on your laundry. Our Laundry protectant is Not a Detergent.  It’s specifically formulated as a regular- use along with detergents and as “an additive” which imparts an invisible antimicrobial nano protective shield on laundered items. This Nano technology shield protects against odors and stains associated with mold and bacteria.

Ultra Nano Clean Laundry Protectant Benefits:

  • Unscented or Lavender scent
  • Phosphate-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally safe
  • Bonds as an antimicrobial into fabrics and textiles
  • Enhances and refreshes protective barrier with every wash.
  • Protects against bacterial sources of odor between washes.
  • Keeps fabrics and textiles fresher for longer.

For real deep cleaning, deodorizing, softening and providing a “Protective layer from germs” on all fabrics during the washing process use Ultra Nano Clean Laundry Protectant. CDC says COVID-19 can live on the fabrics up to 11 days and can survive a wash cycle.

Ultra Nano Clean unscented or Lavender scent and phosphate-free “Laundry protectant” is manufactured in our plants that are EPA and FDA registered and approved facilities.  Ultra Nano Cleans Laundry Protectant is based on a unique new formulation which works and extremely well to remove and eliminate the microbial source of odors embedded in fabrics from mold, mildew, algae, fungi and bacteria. Our unique Nano Technology formula contains an active cationic antimicrobial which is integrated into the formulation, making for a powerful and long-lasting antimicrobial protection that combats bacteria and odors between washes. The formula builds and intensifies with repeated washings. An economical ratio uses only 6 oz. of laundry Protectant to 10 lbs. of dry weight laundry put on the Fabric softener cycle to crate protective shield on all the laundered items.