Sanitizer Wipes

Ultra Nano Clean Sanitizer Wipes 

Ultra Nano Cleans Nano technology advanced Sanitizing Wipes are made with the same scientifically proven formula as our revolutionary sanitizer plus up to 4 hours of protection. Available in a canister with 80 count wipes.

Ultra Nano Clean Sanitizer Wipes
  • Kills up to 99.9% of Harmful Germs and Bacteria
  • Naturally Derived, Alcohol and Bleach Free
  • Protects Up To 4 hours
  • Gentle and Non-stinging with Aloe Vera softness.

Simply open the top of the newly designed canisters, pull out a wipes from the middle and rub into your hands or skin. Ultra Nano Clean Advanced Sanitizing Wipes plus hours of protection neutralize germs and bacteria via different modes of action, effectively eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria, bacterial nano technology is different than alcohol-based sanitizers, our Green sanitizing wipes kill germs and continue killing for up to 4 hours after its dried on your hands.


With its unique technology, Ultra Nano Clean new and Advanced Sanitizing Wipes’ with nano antimicrobial barrier not only kills on contact and it will continue killing hours and hours with one application. This persistent nano technology activity helps provide protection long after use.


Ultra Nano Clean wipes will disrupt the outer cell membrane of the viruses, the new nano technology formula of Ultra Nano Cleans Advanced Sanitizing Wipes kills harmful germs it comes in contact immediately.


Our new Green sanitizing wipes are water based and contain No Alcohol. It’s also Non-Toxic, Non-flammable and Non-poisonous. Ultra Nano Clean is the more effective and safer choice for any cleaning on your skin.

MOISTURIZE YOUR HANDS With each application, Ultra Nano Clean silk proteins gently moisturize and soothe your hands leaving them feeling fresh, clean, soft with hours of protection.

Ultra Nano Clean wipes helps to Protect your SKIN hours at a time when all other Products in the market Fails.  Protect yourself with Ultra Nano Clean.  Single Pack with your company Add space and 80 count Canisters are available.